FEE OLIVE Information

FEE OLIVE, is a food company that provides you only with the highest quality products.

In addition to quality & taste, FEE OLIVE also watch that our products are all natural & traditional, that they respect the environment in term or agricultural methods and process but also the respect of people participating in the making of our products.

Today we offer Olive Oil from the high lands of south east Sicily, Balsamic Vinegar from Modena, Pasta Sauce & Antipasti  from Sicily made in an ancestral ways with all respect of the traditions. Juice & Nectar from France that are fully natural and have the real taste of the un-touch fruit. 

Our company started mid 2000's with the acquisition of an olive plantation in Sicily, that was own by the same family for generations. Our love of travel and food took us to products and producers that had in our opinion the best product in their category. We decided to select of few that respected all our principals in term of environment  & quality and started to extend our offer under the FEE Brand.

FEE brand is dedicated to better food, that respect itself, the ones doing it and consuming it. 

In our actual world of very high consumption we often forget that what "we eat is what we are" what "we give to our children is what they will become" and most of the time we don't really know what we eat? Where its come from? How its made? By whom? In what ways? With what ingredients? And what are these ingredients?
With FEE we offer you transparency on our products, the origins, the ingredients, the way we make them. This is why, in this website you will always find a detailed explanation on each product and if you want to know more we invite you to ask us.
We hope that by our efforts & yours we will be able to give back to our future generation the real taste & understanding of food that our grand parents had with it's authenticity, natural, tradition.