Black Olive cream



Fee olive cream contains simply two key ingredients: grinded olives and extra virgin olive oil. This tasty tapenade is made using juicy olives, grown on volcanic and fertile soil of Sicily. These olives are picked between late December and early January, when their taste has become milder, with lower acidity levels inside. All Fee olive plantations have been cultivated under a deep respect to environment, traditions and beliefs. And to be honest, the reason for all these efforts becomes clear at the moment when you taste this cream!

Ingredients: black olives grindings 90%, seasoned in vinegar, salt, natural flavorings, extra virgin olive oil. After open, keep refrigerated and consume preferably within 3-4 days.

Origins:  Sicily, Ragusa. Almost all ingredients in Fee pasta sauces and antipasti come from Sicily, the area of Ragusa, which is famous for large-scale cultivation and hundreds of small, privately owned vegetable and fruit plantations. This southern part of Sicily is considered to be a true agricultural heaven, thanks to excellent geographical position and other important conditions - warm Mediterranean climate, protective hills, and air with a perfect level of humidity.

Health: Black olives are a good source of vitamin E, a strong antioxidant vitamin that helps to protect cells against free radical damage. Combine this with the precious monounsaturated fats found in black olives… And you have a winning combination for a healthy heart.

Use: Fee crema olive nere makes a great crostini topping or try it dotted onto pizzas. Also, it gives an extra touch to cold-cut meats and canapés.