Capers cream



A whole new and healthy way to enjoy capers – Fee crema di capperi has a specific preparation technology - the capers are kept in water for about 24 hours to remove most of the salt. Then squeezed and passed to the blender together with pure olive oil, vinegar and some other natural flavourings. 

Ingredients: capers grindings 90%, seasoned in vinegar, salt, natural flavourings, extra virgin olive oil. After open, keep refrigerated and consume preferably within 3-4 days.

Origins: Sicily

Health: Adding Fee Crema di capperi to grilled meat helps to prevent the formation of compounds that could damage DNA, the cell’s genetic material. And these compounds are considered key role players in the development of heart diseases and cancer.

Use: Fee recommends using Crema di capperi as a dressing of pasta dishes and sandwiches. Capers became favorite additions to fish sauces and marinades, along with brined and dried anchovies.





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