Chillies cream



Chillies cream is one of the Fee most popular products, which is most typical to the regions of Calabria and Sicily. Considered to be one of the best delights for the spice lovers! Chillies and other ingredients are grown by small privately owned farms in Southern Sicily where all the old and proven agricultural traditions stand strong. 

Ingredients: Chilies’ grindings 90%, seasoned vinegar, salt, natural flavorings, extra virgin olive oil. After open, keep refrigerated and consume within 3-4 days.

Origins: Sicily, Ragusa. Almost all ingredients in Fee pasta sauces and creams come from Sicily, the area of Ragusa, which is famous for large-scale cultivation and hundreds of small, privately owned vegetable and fruit plantations. This southern part of Sicily is considered to be a true agricultural heaven, thanks to excellent geographical position and other important conditions - warm Mediterranean climate, protective hills, and air with a perfect level of humidity. 

Health: There are many reasons why chili peppers are so popular all over the world. And their wide range of good health benefits is one of the most important of all. Chili peppers fight migraine and prevent cancer, they help to lower blood pressure and have loads of vitamin C. Needless to say, chili peppers can help you to burn fat and lose weight.

Use: Fee Crema di pepperoncini piccanti acts as an excellent spread on crostini and white ciabbatta (to serve as an appetizer), but also as a sauce, if you prefer to spice up your pasta dishes.