Tomato cream



A well-known classic tomato sauce, with sun dried tomatoes inside.  Fresh tomato sauce is as indispensable to Sicilian cooking as flour is to making pasta and grapes to making wine. Crema di Pomodoro, our most valuable basic and versatile sauce, is extended into hundreds of different sauces for pasta. It’s also used extensively in meat and vegetable dishes.

Ingredients: Sun dried tomatoes grindings 90%, salt, natural flavorings and extra virgin olive oil. After open, keep refrigerated and consume preferably within 3-4 days.

Origins: Sicily, Ragusa. Almost all ingredients in Fee pasta sauces and antipasti come from Sicily, the area of Ragusa, which is famous for large-scale cultivation and hundreds of small, privately owned vegetable and fruit plantations. This southern part of Sicily is considered to be a true agricultural heaven, thanks to excellent geographical position and other important conditions - warm Mediterranean climate, protective hills, and air with a perfect level of humidity.

Health: Tomatoes are packed with various vitamins. They contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Tomatoes have many other nutrients as well, including vitamin C, potassium and foliate. Another positive fact is that they contain a lot of vitamin B, which helps to build and maintain cells.

Use: Fee tomato cream is great for enhancing sauces and pork, but it’s no secret, that only a spoonful of it will add special touch to every dish and recipe.