Extra Virgin Olive Oil



 Fee extra virgin olive oil, is made from prime olives in a very traditional process.

The olives are pick up by hand by the local famers from mid October to mid November. Each evening after pickup the olives are taken to the press.  We pressed daily to keep the full olive taste & oil qualities. The pressing is done at the village mechanical press.
The bottling done by hand, takes place early January after 2 months of rest, to leave the residual.

Ingredients: 100% Tondo Iblea olives, no soil or tree treatment of any kind, no preservatives.

Origins: Grown on the high land of South East Sicily, with no irrigation, with the respect of the environment, the local tradition & resources and the people doing it.

Health: Considerably rich in monounsaturated fats, oleic acid, but also Omega 3 & 6, that will reduce risk of heart disease & cholesterol regulation. Olive oil is also contain Vitamin E & K as a good antioxidant and research shows thats regular use, prevents cancer & DNA oxidation. Mediterranean regime advise 2 spoon per day.

Use: Because of the highest quality, Fee Oil can be use in salad & cooking, but also for skin care especial after UVB exposure & for hair care. Please find some recipes.