Salsa con Olive



Fee tomato and olive sauce is made with one simple idea – Italian tomatoes and olives are meant for each other. Why? Because they are both grown on volcanic and naturally fertile soil of Sicily and they become even better when they are mixed up in this robust, chunky and tasty sauce. All the green olives in this sauce are picked during the late October, when all the natural flavours of olives are on their absolute peak.

Ingredients: Tomato sauce 80%, green olives 20%, soya oil, extra virgin olive oil, salt, sugar, natural flavourings. After open, keep refrigerated and consume within 3-4 days.

Origins: Sicily, Ragusa. Almost all ingredients in Fee pasta sauces and antipasti come from Sicily, the area of Ragusa, which is famous for large-scale cultivation and hundreds of small, privately owned vegetable and fruit plantations. This southern part of Sicily is considered to be a true agricultural heaven, thanks to excellent geographical position and other important conditions - warm Mediterranean climate, protective hills, and air with a perfect level of humidity. 

Health: Typical tomato-based sauce is packed with various vitamins. Tomatoes contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer. Tomatoes have many other nutrients as well, including vitamin C, potassium and foliate. Tomatoes also contain a lot of vitamin B that helps build and maintain cells. Olives are also good for you, as they offer a host of health benefits. For starters, they're rich in iron, vitamin E and copper, and are an excellent source of fibre. 

Use: Salsa with olives is an ideal selection for a range of pasta dishes and a good condimentary element for bruschetta’s and dark ciabatta sandwiches. And if you are planning a nice outdoor barbeque or picnic, then this is the one to choose, as it goes well with grilled meats, chicken and salty biscuits.