Fresh salad with creamy citric yoghurt sauce (for frour)



4 tbs of pomegranate seeds

1 red onion 

2 sweet pears 

3–4 handfulls of green salad mix

100 g feta cheese

sesame seeds for serving


3 tbs Faye olive oil

2 tbs Faye Balsamic Vinegar Lemon

0,5 tsp of sweet mustard

2 tbs natural youghurt


black pepper

Peel the pomegranate, cut the onion and pears into thin sectors, rip the salad into palatable pieces and chop the feta cheese as you wish. Whip the sauce. Place all the salad components with the sauce to a salad bowl and mix. Add some sesame seeds on top and sprinkle with some additional Balsamic Vinegar Lemon


Recipe was first presented in Estonian good food magazine Oma Maitse, in november 2012
Author of the recipe: Raili Mikk
Photographer: Raili Mikk