Payment options


After placing the order, the customer clicks on the Internet bank link, which directs the customer together with payment information to Internet bank webpage. The customer enters internet bank using ID card, Mobil ID, password card or PIN calculator. In internet bank, the customer sees an already prepared payment order. The customer clicks on the button, which confirms or cancels the payment order.


The customer chooses the suitable product make the order and approves the transaction amount including shipping.  A card transaction query is prepared automatically & signed electronically. The query is sent to the Card Centre of the Banks. In the course of conducting the transaction, the customer automatically enters the payment page of the Card Centre of the Banks, where he enters his credit card number and its term of validity, CVV (Card Verification Value), and name. The full card information will be kept by the Card Centre of the Banks and it is not sent to the merchant. The system of the Card Centre of the Banks authorises the transaction through the international card organisation corresponding to the card and at the same time identifies the payer. The customer is displayed a response about whether the transaction was successful or not. After the customer has approved the transaction, the merchant gets a message concerning the execution of the transaction.